What is all this about?

Galactic War was a meta game of the Forged Alliance Forever client, which embedded the single Forged Alliance battles into a persistent world where all factions fought each other. Unfortunately support was dropped for several reasons.

Little progress is made on reviving Galactic War as the main developers of FAF are tackling more important issues. The community however is highly estranged over the game mechanics that a new implementation should be based upon.

In an attempt to create precendents, I (Brutus5000) decided to start working on a well-founded data model for a Galactic War implementation. This site aims to document all decision made in this process.

Decisions aren't written into stone and may be changed as the project moves on. Any help and comments are appreciated. You can contact me in FAF Slack, in the FAF lobby. If you want to contribute, please note the project guidelines:

  • The database should at least be consistent with 3NF.
  • If it doesn't add value to the meta game, skip it.
    • If it adds value, document it here.
    • This aims especially at additional fields with questionable benefit.
    • Exception: if it makes a certain aspect configurable
  • Keep it simple. Overly complex algorithms can be neither performed nor tested in this prototype.
  • No endless discussions about aspects of game mechanics. The first working implementation wins, until the prototype is complete.
    • Changes will only be made, if consesus has been reached.
    • Project leader has the last word.

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