Credit Journal Entry

Submitted by Brutus5000 on Thu, 07/21/2016 - 09:51
Parent element

Player earn Credits

  • for victories
  • for ACU kills
  • fixed regular income over time

Credits can be used to by reinforcements.

Table name
Table structure
  • fk_character [INT]
  • fk_battle [INT, NULLABLE]: id of the battle, where credits where gained or null if regular income or buy
  • fk_unit_transaction [INT, NULLABLE], id of the reinforcements bought or null if income
  • reason [CHAR] Regular [I]ncome, [V]ictory, ACU [K]ill, [R]einforcements
  • amount [INT]: positive on income, negative on expenses
  • transaction_date [DATETIME]


Note: Even though the amount for expenses can be calculated via unit_transaction_details.quantity * units.price, the amount is stored locally, because unit prices may change over time due to balancing reasons.

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