Faction initiates assault

Submitted by Brutus5000 on Fri, 07/22/2016 - 09:29

Create a battle in state 'initiating' for attackers and defenders to join.

Input data
  • <attacking faction>
  • <planet id>

Assault is valid when:

  1. The assaulted planet is in reach. This is the case when
    • the attacking faction governs a planet of this sun system or
    • there are one or more sun systems connected to the planets sun system where attacking faction has 100% influence.
  2. Planets government must be different from attacking faction.


CHECK 1.a)

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM planets AS destination JOIN planets AS source
ON destination.fk_sun_system = source.fk_sun_system AND destination.id = source.id
WHERE destination.id = <planet id> AND
( SELECT winning_faction FROM battle WHERE fk_planet = source.id ORDER BY ended_at DESC LIMIT 1 ) = <attacking faction>


CHECK 1.b)


(SELECT( SELECT winning_faction FROM battles WHERE fk_planet = outer_planets .id  ORDER BY ended_at DESC LIMIT 1 ) FROM planets AS outer_planets WHERE outer_planets .fk_sun_system = links.fk_sun_system_from)


SELECT COUNT(id) FROM planets AS outer_planets_total WHERE outer_planets_total .fk_sun_system = links.fk_sun_system_from

FROM planets
JOIN quantum_gate_links  AS link
ON planets.fk_sun_system = links.fk_sun_system_to
WHERE planets.id = <planet id>



SELECT winning_faction FROM battle WHERE fk_planet = planets.id ORDER BY ended_at DESC LIMIT 1

Store winning_faction in <defending faction>

ASSERT THAT <attacking faction> != <defending faction>


Database transaction

INSERT INTO battles (fk_planet, status, intiated_at, attacking_faction, defending_faction), (<planet id>, 'I', NOW(), <attacking_faction>, <defending faction>)

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