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Parent element
  • A planet is part of a sun system.
  • The orbit level declares how far away from the center it resides.
    • This is important for the order of the planets inside the sun system.
    • Possibly relevant for whether it is habitable.
  • The size has an impact on
    • maximum population
    • map size of battles on this planet
  • Habitable planets can host giant cities, unhabitable planets can only host outposts.
  • The main ground can be water, soil, lava, desert, frost/snow. It determines
    • what resources can be obtained here (for meta game)
    • what maps will be taken in battles
    • factor to the maximum population
    • It will affect the strategic value of a planet. (soil and water are more valuable than desert or frost)
Table name
Table structure
  • fk_sun_system [INT]: id of the sun system this planet belongs to
  • fk_map [INT]: id of the map for this planet
  • orbit_level [INT]: distance to the center of the sun system
  • size [INT]: equivalent to map size 5,10,20,40
  • habitable [TINYINT/1]: 0 for false, 1 for true
  • ground [CHAR]: [W]ater, [S]oil, [L]ava, [D]esert, [F]rost
Calculated Fields
  • Government: SELECT winning_faction FROM battle WHERE fk_planet = ORDER BY ended_at DESC LIMIT 1
  • Number of Battles: SELECT COUNT(id) FROM battle WHERE fk_planet =

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