Submitted by Brutus5000 on Wed, 07/20/2016 - 18:46

A map is used to represent a planet in terms of a Forged Alliance object. Each planet has excatly one map.  Battles for this planet always take place on this map. However, one map can be used for multiple planets.

To increase the diversity of the maps, all selected maps for GW get tagged by size and ground. Planets have these attributes, so only maps with matching attributes can be assigned to a planet.

The number of slots defines the reqiured numbers of attackers/defenders (each 50%) to start the battle. It can be lower than the actual map. That way the same map can be used for multiple team sizes.

Table name
Table structure
  • faf_map_id [INT] - id of the map in FAF DB
  • faf_map_version [int] - version-id of the map in FAF DB
  • total_slots [TINYINT]: number of slots to play on this map
  • size [INT]: equivalent to map size 5,10,20,40
  • ground [CHAR]: [W]ater, [S]oil, [L]ava, [D]esert, [F]rost

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